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EFL announce changes to the Carabao Cup
2018-06-08 22:08:57

The EFL have announced a number of changes to the Carabao Cup ahead of the upcoming season.

Following its 2018 summer conference, EFL clubs have voted on a number of rule changes in the competition, including the removal of extra-time.

Games in the competition that were level at 90 minutes were followed by a period of 30 minutes of extra-time, with penalties then deciding the winner if the score remained level.

However, games level at full-time next season will go straight to penalties to determine the winner.

As well as the removal of extra-time, the EFL announced that a penalty shootout format would revert to the traditional alternative kicks, rather than the ABBA format which was used in the competition last season.

Although it won't affect the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs who will be in European action, there will no longer be seeded teams for the first two rounds of the competition, although the first round will remain split into North and South sections.

VAR will also be used in the competition at all games played at Premier League stadiums.

On the removal of extra-time from the competition, the EFL said: "The rationale put forward by the EFL is that withdrawing the additional 30 minutes of play would directly address any additional fatigue issues that are occasionally caused when the midweek ties go beyond the traditional 90-minute period.

"A statistical analysis was presented that demonstrated how almost 85% of matches ended in normal time over a three-year period, without the additional period being required and as a result clubs have supported the new approach."

The first round of the competition will take place the week commencing August 13.

 Rob Guest at Football.London